I have been reviewing the Inspection Book that details your report from yesterday, and I must
comment on how impressed I am with the services you provide. It is hard to believe that someone would undertake such a major expenditure and would not want to know the exact condition of the structure as they take possession. With a home inspection, you can be proactive in any repairs.

I’m particularly impressed that the reporting book you provide is user friendly. The importance of this cannot be overstated because I anticipate that most of your customers are like me-unfamiliar with home maintenance and repairs. Your report provides a blueprint of what the homeowner

should be looking at so they can maintain their new home. I see nothing but long term savings being derived from your service and report.

An example of savings has been my driveway at the condo. Since you were able to document
the crack in the driveway, the current homeowner had signed an agreement whereby he was
committed to repairing the problem prior to closing of the sale. The anticipated cost for this repair was $500.00 and was taken care of by the current owner. It is hard to believe that anyone objects to saving money.”

-Thanks again.

Gord E.

Over the years we have owned many homes. All were inspected as required by the Armed Forces. Greg takes pictures to explain what the issues were and then took the time to ensure we had a full understanding of the implications. The reporting system is second to none.
Mark G.

I just wanted to thank you again for such a thorough job and for putting every aspect into an
understandable way. I have learned a lot about my new home and feel confident about making the changes that need to be done.
Donna E

I feel far more informed about the various aspects and functions of the house we purchased.
Joe D.

Incredible wealth of knowledge. More than an inspection-more like an education!
Diane K.

Great explanation of problems and offered multiple solutions!
Paul R.